We are a non-profit organization committed to quality news and free education. Trusted news sources include BBC News, The Guardian, an independent UK newspaper, The Washington Post, respected for investigative journalism, Al Jazeera for a Middle East perspective, The Atlantic, for in depth commentary, the New York Times, winner of 130 Pulitzer prizes, CNN International, and Improve The News, a news aggregator developed by researchers at MIT. ITN also provides verifiable source links. 

Free education sites feature global online learning pioneers. Coursera was founded by Stanford University, and offers over 4000 courses, with more than 150 other universities. EdX, with MIT and Harvard, also partners with Microsoft. EdX has more than 150 other partners including prominent universities, for-profit organizations and NGOs. The Royal Institution offers videos on science, philosophy and discovery. The bedrock of The Ideas Channel is to provide a platform for reliable news, informed opinion, quality education, and worldwide communication.

Dr Mike Minehan

Mike Minehan is the founder and Managing Editor of the Ideas Channel. He graduated from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, with two degrees and the New Zealand literary award, the MacMillan Brown Prize. Mike's first job was as a TV News Director with the then New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation. He went on to become a Parliamentary Reporter for the NZBC, the foundation reporter on the primetime Town and Around, and an investigative TV journalist with New Zealand’s weekly analysis program, Compass.  

Dr Allan Martin OBE

Dr Allan Martin is the Ideas Channel Production Consultant. Allan has worldwide experience in radio and TV. For eight years, he was a Producer/Director for Associated-Rediffusion Television, London, after which he became Chief Producer TV for the New Zealand Broadcasting Service. This followed extensive experience in radio as a producer in New Zealand, Australia and Mozambique.